主演:阿诺·施瓦辛格 迈克尔·拉帕波特 托尼·戈德温 迈克尔·鲁克 





克隆技术在不远的未来有了长足的进步,但复制人仍是法理上不可逾越的禁区,政府通过《第六天法》严格禁止克隆人。飞行员亚当(Arnold Schwarzenegger 饰)拥有幸福的家庭,他出于本能的厌恶那 详情

第六日 剧情简介

In the near future, all animals, including pets can be copied, or even to the extent of copying humanity itself, but human gene duplication is still illegal acts. But with the scientists did not give up ambitions to secretly study the possibility of human reproduction. Schwarzenegger plays Adam Gibson, the actor is a helicopter pilot. One day he let him from an almost killed in the accident survivors, found a home and even longer the same person he appears in his home, and to replace his position male masters, and even his wife and children have not known situation. Adams found this incident behind a group of people manage to find ways to get rid of him, to protect this astonishing secret experiment. And he must try to regain his closest family members, the protection of his wife and children as well as his own life, then an earthshaking desperate journey begins. Finally, he discovered a terrible truth - it was a group of people trying to replace the copy in the world. Adam Jingyi is when a gang of people who kidnapped him, and he dropped into a mysterious world of evil. Therefore, he must be in the shortest possible time, we can recapture part of his life and his love of the family, to identify what he What is behind the conspiracy……